FURUNO operates a Global Service Network that provides high quality technical services and spare parts in any location around the world. The FURUNO Global Service Network consists of more than 65 Service Stations with thousands of Certified Engineers ready to troubleshoot any technical issue our customers may encounter.

Acting as a Single Point of Contact between customers and the Global Service Network, FURUNO Cyprus Service Coordination Department is responsible for a multitude of tasks.

This encompasses responding to and processing any service inquiry in alignment with Sales and Technical departments; ensuring the availability of FURUNO authorized service engineers and/or spare parts; following up with Service Station to ensure timely and efficient delivery of services and keeping track record for each vessel (history) in order to propose the best possible option in each case.

Other responsibilities include the review and evaluation of service reports after completion of service attendances; archiving essential service related documentation; communicating relevant information to the customers; and responding to customer’s clarification questions.

In a nutshell, the added value of Service Coordination from FURUNO Cyprus is the following:

  • Access to the FURUNO Global Service Network
  • QVC: Quality, Value, Convenience
  • Professionalism in treating customer service inquiries
  • Monitoring the progress and outcome of each case
  • Keeping useful record/history/documents for each vessel
  • Provide valuable technical feedback prior and after service attendance
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by matching the customer’s requirements with the offered services
  • Technical Advice and Service Attendances for the entire FURUNO product portfolio