TimeZero by MAXSEA: Thanks to 30 years of working in marine navigation, TIMEZERO boasts a proven powerful technology that was developed with a unique vision allowing for continuous innovation. TIMEZERO’s cutting edge design was developed to answer the needs of recreational sailing, cruising and regattas as well as a professional solution to fit the needs of all the maritime industries. To ensure our continuing relevance, we put the utmost importance on collaborating with professionals leading in their respective industries to put our software to the test against the unique needs of each market.

WASSP: WASSP is the most important technological advancement for Commercial Fishing and Survey since the introduction of radar, color sounders and GPS, enables seabed profiling at up to 100 times the speed of conventional single-beam echo-sounders, with improved accuracy and significantly reduced cost.
WASSP both F-Series and S-Series, provides you multiple display options, real-time viewing, recording with WASSP Navigator 3D and others benefits at a glance with great results and easy to install, minimizing for your boat.

Airmar: A world leader in the manufacture and design of ultrasonic transducer instruments; Airmar Technology’s products cover a wide range of recreational, and industrial applications. Whether your need is detection of objects through air – such as for proximity sensing and obstacle avoidance, or detection of objects through water – as for fish finding, Airmar has you covered.

Novega: Novega became global market leader for underwater locating devices (ULD) in the maritime sector. Today, more than 30,000 vessels sail the seas with Novega technology.

AEP Marine Parts: A marine radar needs to be up and running, simple as that! So if a radar magnetron needs to be replaced, you need the right part and you need it fast. This is the main reason why AEP keeps local stock of the complete range of e2v marine radar products so a suitable replacement part for almost every imaginable radar model is never far away. In addition to e2v radar components, AEP stocks a range of AEP Antennas, Nautic displays, Victron Energy, Alfatronix and other marine related spare parts for your convenience.

AC ANTENNAS: AC Antennas has been producing antennas for the maritime market since 1970. They are known for their relentless commitment in utilizing their more than 40 years of experience towards their one pure goal: To provide the best marine antenna products in the world. These products for the maritime world are designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance and to withstand punishment from the rigorous marine environment.

RADIO OCEAN: The story starts in the sixties. At the time, Radio Ocean was the maritime branch of TRT (Telecommunications Radioélectriques et Téléphoniques) of PHILIPPS, exclusive distributor of FURUNO products in France. In 1990 FURUNO Japan and Co. buys out its French distributor Radio Ocean to create its subsidiary FURUNO FRANCE. Since then, the brand name Radio Ocean has always been kept by FURUNO France to distribute products intended mostly for exportation VHF, AIS, Wind sensor etc.

CEAN SIGNAL: Ocean Signal products are designed to meet or exceed the technical requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (SOLAS), International Electrotechnical Commission standards, European Directives and Decisions, United States Coastguard standards as well as many other applicable national and international rules.